B/SPOKE launched in 2014 and quickly changed the game for boutique fitness in Boston. By combining a holistic approach to wellness with top level fitness programming and an open-to-all welcoming sense of community, B/SPOKE has developed a significant following in both urban and suburban settings, across a wide variety of demographics.


Fitness should be inspiring, rewarding, and FUN. Movement is an empowering way to forget yesterday, take back today, or change tomorrow. At each of our studios, we bring our mission to life through client centric classes, personalized coaching, event offerings, and thoughtful collaborations within the community.


We exist to advance global wellness for all by inspiring, empowering, and changing lives for the better.


Our vision is to redefine the boutique studio industry and create a one-stop institution that can meet anyone wherever they are in their wellness journey, and help guide them to the next step. We will accomplish this by consistently providing the highest quality and value for our clients, with a constant focus on the experience, innovative thinking, thoughtful programming, and unwavering support for our team’s goals, needs, and development.

  • FUN OPPORTUNITIES: No shortage of in person + virtual events, classes and moments to spend time and bond with teammates.

  • LEARN TOGETHER: Training, continued education, workshops, and annual reviews are part of our workplace culture.

  • OUR VIBE: A fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and passionate workplace where good ideas can come from anywhere.

  • WEEKLY CLASS ENTITLEMENT: An opportunity to experience everything B/SPOKE has to offer, alongside an inspiring community.

  • GUEST PASSES: Recruit your family, friends + network to join you at the studio with a monthly allotment of special credits.

  • 401(K) OPTIONS: Opportunities to plan ahead for your future after 1 year of employment. It's never too early to start.

  • Mariah


    “ B/SPOKE has been transformative for not only my physical health but my mental health as well. It gives me the same feeling when I’m in the dark room on my bike as I get at a concert when everyone is singing in unison. ”

  • Emily


    “ B/SPOKE has consistently been a source of inspiration, growth, opportunity and community in my life. A place that encourages individuals to unlock their potential and fully explore their talent, passion and creativity - both in and out of the studio. ”

  • James


    “ B/SPOKE is where passion meets business. Instructors are encouraged to innovate, grow, and support each other every single day. This company constantly renews what it means to love what I do and where I do it. ”