B/SPOKE launched in 2014 and quickly changed the game for boutique fitness in Boston. By combining a holistic approach to wellness with top level fitness programming and an open-to-all welcoming sense of community, B/SPOKE has developed a significant following in both urban and suburban settings, across a wide variety of demographics.

We believe fitness should be inspiring, rewarding, and FUN. Movement is an empowering way to forget yesterday, take back today, or change tomorrow. At each of our studios, we bring our mission to life through client centric classes, personalized coaching, event offerings, and thoughtful collaborations within the community.


We exist to advance global wellness for all by inspiring, empowering, and changing lives for the better.


Our vision is to redefine the boutique studio industry and create a one-stop institution that can meet anyone wherever they are in their wellness journey, and help guide them to the next step. We will accomplish this by consistently providing the highest quality and value for our clients, with a constant focus on the experience, innovative thinking, thoughtful programming, and unwavering support for our team’s goals, needs, and development.


TRUST – We believe that trust is the foundation for everything we do as a team, and we work hard to uphold it and honor it at all costs. Our clients can trust that we think, act, and plan everything with their best interests in mind. Employees can trust that the company will strive to build a safe, fair and inclusive space that is devoid of toxic behavior and conducive for our team to grow, be heard, and push the status quo. Teammates can trust in each other that we will show up and perform our designated responsibilities with the best intentions.

INCLUSIVITY – We strive to create an inclusive community at B/SPOKE that values diversity, open communication, connection, empowerment, and respect for all members. We want you to feel like you belong here — no matter who you are or what your circumstances may be.

TEAM FIRST – We prioritize the needs and benefit of the team over those of the individual. We are united with purpose, and always act in a way that values our place on the team, and upholds the commitment we all have to each other as teammates.

BE HUMBLE – We believe that being humble is actually a strength. We look for opportunities to serve others and build them up, rather than ourselves. We rise above personal ego when choosing action or making decisions. Through humility, we all learn and grow, eventually becoming more authentic and human.

PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE – We are not satisfied with average. We are constantly seeking ways to grow, learn, and improve ourselves and our business. We want to make an impact on the world around us, and we want to do so in a way that we can take pride in. By striving for excellence, we know that we will be able to inspire others to do the same.

PURPOSE – We believe fitness and wellness can be transformative and that everyone deserves to feel good in their body. Our goal is to help clients feel empowered by their bodies, not overwhelmed by them. We want to help people develop self-confidence and a healthy relationship with themselves, so they can go out into the world feeling confident and ready to tackle anything that comes their way.

  • FUN OPPORTUNITIES: No shortage of in person + virtual events, classes and moments to spend time and bond with teammates.

  • LEARN TOGETHER: Training, continued education, workshops, and annual reviews are part of our workplace culture.

  • OUR VIBE: A fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and passionate workplace where good ideas can come from anywhere.

  • WEEKLY CLASS ENTITLEMENT: An opportunity to experience everything B/SPOKE has to offer, alongside an inspiring community.

  • GUEST PASSES: Recruit your family, friends + network to join you at the studio with a monthly allotment of special credits.

  • 401(K): Opportunities to plan ahead for your future after 1 year of employment. It's never too early to start.

  • Emily


    “ B/SPOKE has consistently been a source of inspiration, growth, opportunity and community in my life. A place that encourages individuals to unlock their potential and fully explore their talent, passion and creativity - both in and out of the studio. ”

  • James


    “ B/SPOKE is where passion meets business. Instructors are encouraged to innovate, grow, and support each other every single day. This company constantly renews what it means to love what I do and where I do it. ”

  • Dan


    “ B/SPOKE has opened my eyes to what a company should stand for. One that encourages growth both personally and professionally. A place where individuality is encouraged and celebrated. ”